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Finding uniqueness


I had a great conversation with a coworker today about photography. It ranged on subjects from camera hardware to landscapes and techniques, but the topic that stuck with me was the subject of uniqueness.

We both agreed that taking pictures of something no one else has is most satisfying, but it’s difficult to do. I like wandering through the city and taking interesting pictures, but as my coworker pointed out, everyone else has probably done the same. Every mom, brother, and grandpa has a DSLR now. Or at least it seems like it, and with most of them great pictures can be had, though I would say that most users don’t know how to really use the cameras they have. That’s a plus. However, it means that there are a lot of pictures of the same scenes, and standing out really takes effort.

Good landscapes can be very unique. Especially when the best pictures are the result of patience. I really respect photographers that plan and wait for the exact moment to take a picture in the field. That takes a dedication that few have. I know I don’t. I have taken some landscape or scenery photos that I’m pretty proud of, but more often than not I happen to be in the right place at the right time, not pre-planed.

I think that’s why I like taking pictures of people rather than places. It will always be unique. Even if you take a picture of the same person (or people) at another time, each will be unique and have its own character. Taking a picture of a model will be the most unique, especially if some forethought and planning is expended to create a certain vision. It’s like a painting, I think. You put all the pieces together, but it will be difficult to reproduce. Each frame is unique, and no else will have it. I like that.

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